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Repair Tracking Service

All ser­vice pro­ces­ses and data can be re­cor­ded, struc­tured and mo­ni­tored with InfoTip's Re­pair Tracking Service Sys­tem. The in­di­vi­dual­ly tai­lored ser­vice so­lu­tion enables trans­pa­rent con­trol and au­to­ma­tion of all ser­vice pro­ces­ses. It does not matter whether the ser­vice is a pick-up, an ex­change, a credit note or an on-site ser­vice. The sys­tem au­to­ma­ti­cal­ly re­cog­nizes and sup­ports all con­cei­va­ble types of pro­ces­sing in the event of service.

Objectives of the Repair Tracking Service


  • Usage of logistician framework agreements of the manufacturers or contract workshops in case of warranty claims
  • Avoidance of "freight collect" shipments
  • Savings in service handling through avoidance of incorrect shipments


  • Constant availability
  • Transparency of processes
  • Neutral and open for all service providers (logisticians and workshops)
  • Possibility of internationalization


  • Handling of all conceivable service cases
  • Integration of the feature in the manufacturer web design

InfoTip RTS - Salesforce Integration

InfoTip offers a pre-build di­rect Salesforce In­te­gra­tion with the InfoTip Re­pair Tracking Service (RTS) in form of a ma­naged pa­cka­ged with on-plat­form re­por­ting, log­ging and cus­to­mi­za­tion ca­pa­bi­li­ties.

Advantages of our Repair Tracking Service System

Advantages from the manufacturer's point of view

  • Information transfer without communication losses to retailers and end customers
  • High acceptance by internet-savvy users
  • Exact routing of orders without detours or wrong deliveries
  • Transparency and shortening of lead times for logisticians and connected workshops
  • Full control of transport costs through own logistics provider selection
  • Interfaces to existing repair management systems allow direct data transfer
  • End customer portals can be implemented in a targeted manner
  • Significant cost reduction in overall service logistics

Advantages from the logistics service provider's point of view

  • Immediate notification of pending collection orders
  • Interfaces for direct data transfer into own logistics system
  • Minimal error rate due to validated address data
  • Status feedback to the customer is automated
  • Expansion of existing framework agreements through higher volume

Advantages from the consumer's point of view

  • Speed
  • Informative contact persons in the trade
  • Transparency
  • Sense of belonging to the brand

100% customizable service

The RTS sys­tem of­fers a wide range of pos­si­bi­li­ties. The use of the plat­form is in­de­pen­dent of the in­dus­try and can be used in any ser­vice area.

Modular structure

Use only what you need

The mo­du­lar struc­ture al­lows the Smart Ser­vice En­gine to be adap­ted to al­most any re­quire­ment. This makes it easy to cre­ate your in­di­vi­dual ser­vice so­lu­tion - with­out bal­last, with­out un­ne­ces­sary or com­pli­ca­ted ad­di­ti­onal func­tions, with­out costs for ser­vices that are not re­quired. A com­bi­na­tion of sub-mo­dules is also pos­si­ble in order to per­fect­ly map your ser­vice pro­ces­ses.


The mo­dule is used for order en­try as well as tra­cking of ser­vice and re­turns pro­ces­sing for ma­nu­fac­turers and dis­tri­bu­tors of tech­ni­cal equip­ment in the con­text of cus­to­mer sup­port (re­pair, war­ran­ty and main­te­nance).


Keep an eye on all re­pairs at all times and gain valuable in­sights into lead times and other re­le­vant events. In this way, you have full co­ntrol over all pro­ces­ses and pro­cedures at all times.


With the mo­dule, all pro­ces­ses of a re­call, from the re­cor­ding of cus­to­mer and pro­duct da­ta, to the dis­patch of the de­fec­tive goods, to the re­pair or re­place­ment of the de­vice, can be cen­tral­ly con­trolled and mo­ni­tored.

End customer portals

As an in­put op­tion, we of­fer end cus­to­mer re­gis­tra­tion as a mo­dule. The end cus­to­mer goes through va­rious in­put checks to avoid in­cor­rect re­gis­tra­tion. The mo­dule can be de­signed in the in­di­vi­dual cus­to­mer design.

End-of-Life Ma­na­ge­ment

This mo­dule sup­ports the re­turn of old and used equip­ment within the frame­work of the le­gal­ly pre­scribed regulations. In this way, one lives up to one's own eco­lo­gi­cal re­spon­si­bi­li­ty.

Home Service

Through in­ter­fa­ces and ap­pli­ca­tions for mobile de­vices, such as smart­phones and tab­lets, the Smart Service Engine sup­ports tech­ni­cians and field staff and creates trans­pa­ren­cy in the com­plete ser­vice pro­cess.

Warranty processing

With this mo­dule, ma­nu­fac­tu­rers can handle the com­plete war­ran­ty or guaran­tee settle­ment. The mo­dule enables cen­tra­lized con­trol of all pro­ces­ses re­la­ted to ser­vice bil­ling.

Self Service

The self-ser­vice mo­dule sup­ports your cus­to­mers in in­de­pen­dent­ly checking usage and ap­pli­ca­tion er­rors. In this way, un­ne­ces­sary sub­mis­sions are avoi­ded and your cus­to­mers are helped quickly.

Knowledge Management

InfoTip's so­lu­tion for know­ledge ma­na­ge­ment enable pro­duct- and pro­cess-spe­ci­fic know­ledge to be struc­tured, pre­pared and cen­tral­ly ma­naged. This gives every­one in­volved easy access to re­quired and re­le­vant in­for­ma­tion at any time.

Functionality of the RTS

  • Order entry online by specialized trade, call center or end customer
  • Master data management and routing rules by: 
    • Product category (main category, subcategory and model) in any gradation
    • Regional factors
    • Customer groups (e.g.: dealer, end customer, cooperation affiliation)
    • Order type (e.g.: warranty or chargeable)
    • Workload of the workshop
    • Agreed conditions (agreed special rules for e.g. certain dealer cooperations)
  • Logistician selection according to regionality, size, weight and type of packaging
  • Online creation of delivery papers for different logisticians
  • Online creation of delivery papers for the shipper

Six steps to your perfect solution


Adap­ted to your re­quire­ments and exis­ting sys­tems, our RTS of­fers a trans­pa­rent so­lu­tion for co­or­di­na­ting, hand­ling and exe­cu­ting your cus­to­mer ser­vice and ser­vice pro­ces­ses.

Define process

In a joint work­shop, we clari­fy what is to hap­pen, when, how and where, what ex­cep­tions there are and which part­ners (lo­gis­ti­cians, work­shops, etc.) are to be worked with.

Set up system

After all re­le­vant pro­ces­ses have been cla­ri­fied, we set up the ba­sic sys­tem and all ne­ces­sary ad­di­tio­nal func­tions ac­cor­ding to your in­di­vi­dual needs.

Implement processes

Now all ser­vice pro­ces­ses de­fined in the first step are map­ped and im­ple­men­ted in the sys­tem. This also in­clu­des the im­port of exten­sive ar­ticle mas­ters and mas­ter data.

Implement design

If de­sired, the com­plete ap­pea­rance of the front and back end can be based on your design. This en­sures a con­sis­tent pro­duct ex­pe­rien­ce at all touch­points.

Set up interfaces

Now all the ne­ces­sary part­ners, such as lo­gis­tics pro­vi­ders, whole­salers or re­pair ser­vice pro­vi­ders, are con­nec­ted to the RTS via a va­rie­ty of in­tel­li­gent in­ter­fa­ces.

Use solutions

After an in­ten­sive tes­ting phase, the sys­tem will go live and can be used by you and your em­plo­yees, dis­tri­bu­tors, work­shops, tech­ni­cians, lo­gis­ti­cians and end users.

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