InfoTip Servicegesellschaft

InfoTip Service GmbH was founded in 1997 as a shared, cross vendor IT service provider of the consumer electronics industry in order to provide tools for efficient data communication to qualified retailers and technicians.

Since the first InfoTip solution in 1989 CE industry has gone through enormous changes. In order to accommodate to the continually raising requirements for efficient IT solutions, InfoTip has developed herself through the years to become a specialist for process optimization in the entire environment of service and service logistics, meanwhile for various sectors of industry.

Our sector is service.


Perfect service is because of its complexity the greatest challenge for every company.
InfoTip supports her customers in keeping service promisses.
Perfect service means that all service processes in the multi-layered distributor-customer relation between manufacturers/vendors, trade/craftsmen/service providers and consumers are systematic structured and transparent for all the involved parties.

In this context it is our misson to find and implement the individual best solution for our customers service challenges because every customer is individual like the solutions we implemt for him.

Therefore our customers can rely that their service processes work because the necessary knowledge, the needed data and the goods are available in the right place at the right time.

So our customers can concentrate with their complete energy onto their core business.


Our vison is to offer the most efficient IT solution for service and service related fields of operation. Our customers processes run transparent and flawless.
InfoTip, as a specialist for forging process design and control, is for real and sustainable added value.

We grow with our customers and develop ourselves.
On our way to become the leading European provider for individual specialized solutions in service environments, we are accompanied by long-time customers.

InfoTip Key Data

Name of company
InfoTip Servicegesellschaft mbH

Registered office
Frankfurt/ Main

Type of company
GmbH (Limited Liability Company)

Dipl.-Ing. Jens Härtel

Main office

Leading director
Dipl.-Ing. Theo Ubbens

Year of founding


InfoTip Share Holders
Bosch, Loewe, Metz, Panasonic,
Philips, Sharp, Sony and Thomson



Supervisory Board

The supervisory board, which is voted every five years, consists of the following members:

Jens Härtel (J. Härtel  Unternehmensberatung), Stadtsteinach

Deputy chairman:
Frank Forstreuter (Sharp Electronics (Europe) – Division General Manager)

Albert Geister (Hildesheim)
Stephan Lammers (Philips GmbH – Consumer Lifestyle – Director SCM Operations DACH)
René Schwarz (Panasonic Deutschland GmbH – Director Service)

Advisory Council

As scheduled, the shareholder meeting of InfoTip Service GmbH has voted the following members into the advisory council of the company for the current term of office:

Herr Boesch (Panasonic)
Herr Cordes (Telering)
Herr Kretschmer (Euronics)
Herr Memmert (Metz)

                           Herr Millan (Panasonic Service Center)
Herr Pfeiffer (ZVEH)
Herr Pieper (Sony)
Herr Reisner (TPVision)