Contact persons

InfoTip consists of a team of developers, programmers, logistics and service experts and commercial representatives. A reliable network from independent specialists and long-time cooperation partners enable tailored complete solutions that are individually fit to the customers requirements.


Theo Ubbens - Chief Executive Officer
Graduate engineer and service man to the core… In it since the foundation of InfoTip. "Attention, we do service in between the needs of our customers and theirs; service performance has its roots in the words service and performance.", is one of his principles. Whereupon professionality combined with the willingness to learn, fairness, honesty and a little bit of empathy raises a deal to an excellent deal which makes both sides feel good.

Tel.: +49 (0) 234 973 349 0 - E-Mail: theo.ubbens(at)

Martina Rösner – Secretariat, administration, accounting

- team assistance
- accounting
- customer administration

Tel.: +49 (0) 234 973 349 0 - E-Mail: martina.roesner(at)

RTS - Repair Tracking Service

Dieter Thelen – Project management

Dieter Thelen designs and supervises tailor made solutions in the field of the InfoTip service and logistics portal (RTS). His expertise is the design of easy solutions for complex workflows in service environments and his experience in different sectors of the service business for years, are "virtually priceless" for national and international customers.

E-Mail: dieter.thelen(at)

Tim Stenzel – Project Management

E-Mail: tim.stenzel(at)

Christian Mucha – IT support, databases

E-Mail: christian.mucha(at)

ISS- Information Service Suite

Hans Will – Customer support

Tel.: +49 (0) 9571 739032 - E-Mail: hans.will(at)

Wolfhard Gusek – Technical editor, InfoTip and compendium

E-Mail: wolfhard.gusek(at)


Norbert Dirauf – Director IT and development

Master of bits and bytes. Nobert Dirauf takes care that information independent of the requirement reaches its destination.
As a Software engineer, Norbert Dirauf is also technical director of InfoTip Service GmbH.

E-Mail: norbert.dirauf(at)

Uwe Schmidt – Web development


Carsten Heusner – Web development and application support

E-Mail: carsten.heusner(at)

Matthias Kriener – System administration, customer support, web development

E-Mail: matthias.kriener(at)

Kristin Freudiger– Web development

E-Mail: kristin.freudiger(at)

Frank Berke – Web development

E-Mail: frank.berke(at)

Andre Pittruff – Web development

E-Mail: andre.pittruff(at)

André Kaldewei – Trainee Web development

E-Mail: andre.kaldewei(at)

Technical editing

Wolfhard Gusek – Technical editor, InfoTip Kompendium

E-Mail: wolfhard.gusek(at)

Traudel Ubbens – Technical editor, document management

E-Mail: traudel.ubbens(at)

Marketing/ Business Development

Tim Stenzel – Marketing/ Business Development

E-Mail: tim.stenzel(at)


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