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Product recalls happen not only in the automotive industry. We support medium-sized and large companies with a complete solution, if the case of the cases comes!

Well-equipped for all eventualities - Solution for product recalls

If hearing the word product-recall, one thinks mostly of car manufacturers. Sometimes it is a jammed throttle or only a small plastic holder, which causes the manufacturer to call his vehicles into the workshops. But not only cars are affected by recalls. In 2015, more than 1,800 product warnings were recorded in the EU. It rarely plays a role where and how is produced. The issue of recall affects everyone who produces and distributes goods, because recalls just happen.

We can not protect you from product recalls but we can provide an extremely dependable solution when it comes down to it.

Type and frequency of product defects

Only in 2015, the EU's Consumer Protection Rapid Alert System (RAPEX) recorded more than 1,800 product alerts. With this system, EU countries are exchanging information on dangerous or potentially dangerous consumer goods. All warnings recorded are broken down into various categories and published annually.

Most common types of risks

Most frequently affected product groups

Most common countires of dangerous products

Over the past 10 years

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Benefits of Recall Management

Free scaling through cloud-based server technology

Shorter throughput times to increase customer satisfaction and productivity

Control and transparency of all processes

Individually adapted concepts for process optimization

Identify stagnating processes before they become a problem

Higher customer loyalty through a positive service experience

Reliable handling of several million transactions in the shortest possible time

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