Return Management

The module for the return management is used for order registration as well as tracking of service and return processes for manufacturers and distributors as a part of their customer support.

Control your returns - smart and efficient

With the module for the return control you always have an overview of all outstanding consignments and can control them specifically. The smart design of the module accelerates case handling and increases customer satisfaction. The high transparency and traceability of all processes, which are handled through the module, reduce difficulties and costs in the after-sales process chain.

Components of Return Management

Handle Tracking

The core component of the return management is the handle tracking. It creates transparency in the complete after-sales process chain, so that all parties are always informed about the status of each service and the subsequent steps.

Escalation management

Identify problems before they occur. The integrated escalation management communicates with the service technician / end customer and informs him about various possible channels of possible emerging difficulties in the fulfillment of service procedures.

Document creation

The system supports the automated creation of all required shipping documents from the delivery note to the address label, for the fastest possible handling of the process and the unambiguous identification of the goods.

Address validation

In order to pick up goods at the correct point and deliver them to the correct destination address, the system checks the correctness and plausibility of addresses. Thus, delays by the logistician in the fulfillment of services are eliminated.

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Benefits of Return Management

Shorter throughput times to increase customer satisfaction

Control and transparency of all processes

Individually adapted concepts for process optimization

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Lower and more predictable service costs in the after-sales process chain

Identify stagnating processes before they become a problem

Higher end customer loyalty through a positive service experience

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