Repair Tracking Service

The Repair Tracking Service supports manufacturers and retailers in the efficient handling of warranty repairs. For manufacturers, the greatest added value is the generation of transparency during the entire service process and the simple control, adaptation and modification of all processes. More than 25,000 users uses the system in over 40 countries all over the world.

Manufacturer-independent, neutral and proven

With the RTS system InfoTip operates in Germany the largest cross-vendor sector platform for registering and controlling of repairs for a large number of manufacturers from consumer electronics and small electric appliances. The system recognizes and supports all handling types which are conceivable in a service case. It doesn’t matter whether it is a pickup, an exchange (swap, double-swap), a refund or an in-place/home service.

Usage of the platform is not limited to the electronic sector but can be used in every service related environment.

Targets of RTS

Cost reduction

  • Usage of manufacturer or workshop general contract with logisticians for warranty claims
  • Avoidance of unfree shipments
  • Cost savings in service handling by avoiding misdirected packages


  • Always available
  • Process transparency
  • Neutral and open for all service providers (logisticians and workshops)
  • Country and language independent application


  • Processing of all conceivable service cases
  • Implementation of the functionality in manufacturers corporate design

Functionalities of the RTS

  • Online registration of orders by dealers, call centres or consumers
  • Model core management/ routing rules for:
    • Product category (main category, sub category, model)
    • Regional factors
    • Customer groups (e.g. dealer, consumer, cooperation membership)
    • Order type (warranty, costly repair)
    • Workload of a workshop (capacity)
    • Agreed conditions (special conditions, e.g. individual treatment for defined dealer cooperations )
  • Selection of logistician by region, capacity, weight and packing type
  • Online creation of freight documents for different logisticians
  • Online creation of freight documents for the sender

Advantages of the RTS

Advantages from manufacturer perspective

  • Information about special service offers or processing can be communicated to dealers/consumers without any loss
  • High acceptance by users with an affinity for the internet
  • Exact routing of orders without detours/misdirected packages
  • Transparency and reduction of processing time on logistician and workshop side
  • Complete control of transportation costs by self-chosen logisticians
  • Interfaces to existing repair management systems provide direct data transfer
  • Consumer portals are realizable in targeted ways
  • Significant cost reduction in the whole service logistic

Advantages from logistics provider perspective

  • Immediate information about upcoming pickup requests
  • Interfaces for direct data transfer to the own logistics system
  • Minimized failure rate by validated address data
  • Status information to customers is performed automatically
  • Extension of general contracts by higher order volume

Advantages from consumer’s perspective

  • Quickness
  • Meaningful contact partners in trade
  • “The manufacturer takes care for me…”

Flow of goods

Flow of information

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As a manufacturer, repair service provider or logistician you take benefit from several interfaces and the convenient switch on or creation of a standalone-version. We are glad to provide you with further information.

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