Smart Service Engine

With the Smart Service Engine, all customer service processes and data can be recorded, structured and monitored. The software-as-a-service solution enables transparent control and automation of all service processes, including the control of logistics, workshop and other service providers.

Maintain full control, anywhere, anytime

All customer service processes and data can be recorded, structured and monitored with the Smart Service Engine. The individually tailored Service 4.0 solution enables transparent control and automation of all service processes. It does not matter whether it is a pickup, an exchange (swap, double-swap), a credit note or an on-site service. The system automatically recognizes and supports all types of processing that are conceivable in the service case.

SSE principle

The core of the Smart Service Engine is service process intelligence. The system is supplied with data by various means. It does not matter whether the data comes via FTP / web service, via connected websites or via CRM or ERP systems. All data from logistics providers, workshops and service networks are processed in the Smart Service Engine according to individual specifications. 

Modular design - Use only what you need

The modular design allows the Smart Service Engine to be adapted to almost any requirement. This makes it easy to create an individual service solution - without ballast, without unnecessary or complicated additional functions, without costs for services that are not required. Customized combination of submodules is possible too, to perfectly represent your service processes.

Return Management

The module is used for the registration of orders as well as the for tracking of service and return processes for manufacturers and distributors of technical devices within the scope of customer support (repair, guarantee and maintenance).

Repair Management

Keep an eye on all your repair and exchange processes and receive valuable insights about lead times and other relevant events. In this way you have always full control over all repair processes.

Recall Management

The module can be used to centrally control and monitor all processes of a product recall, from the customer and product registration, through the dispatch of the defective goods up to the repair or replacement of the device.

End-of-Life Management

This End-of-Life module supports the return of old and used equipment within the scope of the statutory regulations. In this way you fulfil your environmental responsibility and save essential raw materials.

Home Service

The Smart Service Engine supports technicians and employees in the field of service by providing  interfaces and applications for mobile devices. By this the SSE creates transparency in the entire service process.

Warranty handling

Assisted by this warranty handling module, manufacturers can manage the whole warranty or guarantee billing. The module allows the centralized control of all processes related to the warranty process.

Self Service

The self-service module helps your customers to independently verify usage and application errors. This avoids unnecessary submissions to your workshop or service center and helps your customers quickly.

Knowledge Management

With our solutions for Knowledge Management, product- and process-specific knowledge can be structured, prepared and centrally managed. In this way, all parties involved are always given easy access to required information.

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Supported Processes

The Smart Service Engine has a large number of already implemented processes and process types, which roughly pre-define the information stream and the flow of goods. All these standard processes can be adapted to your needs:

Warranty repairs

Out-of-warranty repairs

Return of goods

Dead-on-Arrival (DOA)

Cashback Promotion


Warranty Checks

Rental equipment handling

Ticket / support inquiries

and many more...

Advantages of the Smart Service Engine

Reduction of costs

Seamless communication

Increase of customer loyalty

Acceleration of case settlement

Interface to other systems

Internationally applicable

Full transparency

Supporting all handling types

Data protection conformant and resilient

Reduce your No-Failure-Found-Rate with Self Services
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Get the perfect solution in six steps

Define the processes

In a joint workshop we will clarify what has to happen when, how and where, which exceptions to mind and which partners (logisticians, workshops, etc.) are being involved in the process.

System set up

After all relevant processes have been clarified, we will set up the basic system as well as all necessary additional functions according to your individual requirements.

Process implementation

All service processes defined in the first step are then mapped and implemented in the system. This also includes importing extensive stock lists and master data.

Design implementation

If desired, the complete appearance of the front and back ends can be built on your design. This ensures a uniform product experience at all touchpoints.

Set up the interfaces

Now, all required partners such as logisticians, wholesalers or repair service providers are connected to the Smart Service Engine via a variety of intelligent interfaces.


After an intensive test phase, the system is live and can be used by you and your employees, distributors, workshops, technicians, logistics companies and end users.

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