Warranty Processing

With this module, manufacturers are able to fullfil the complete warranty or guarantee billing. The module enables the centralized control of all processes related to the billing process.

Automatically check and edit warranty claims

For many manufacturers, the warranty processing with their retailers and customers is an imperative evil. On the one hand, manufacturers wants to offer a good service, on the other hand every process must also be economical. Above all, retailers with a low guarantee volume cause high costs in processing. With the warranty processing module, it is possible to automatically clarify whether it is actually a guarantee case or not.

Components of Warranty Processing

Filter system

A special filter system automatically clarifies in almost all cases whether the claim is actually a guarantee claim or not. Due to the specifically applied filtering of all claims, fewer errorous claims which need additional clarification occur.

Master Data Management

All master data stored in the system can be easily managed, updated and maintained. Whether automated upload of complete data sets or manual maintenance of individual data sets, the master data management can be easily adapted to all requirements.


Via various interfaces, the module can transfer the captured data to the Smart Service Engine or other systems or read out data from the system. In this way, the module fits perfectly into existing processes and IT landscapes.

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Benefits of Warranty Processing

Cost reduction

Seamless communication between specialized dealers, workshops and manufacturers

Acceleration of case handling

Connection via various interfaces to existing system

For regional, national and international use

Increased customer loyalty through positive service experience

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Warranty Processing

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