GCS - Global Claiming Service

With the Global Claiming Service manufacturers can process the complete warranty settlement with their resellers and distributors. The globally available system makes it possible to control every process related to the accounting from one central point. In addition, the system can perform the Warranty handling.

Warranty handling

For most manufacturers warranty handling is a compelling evil. On the one hand they want to provide a good services, on the other hand each process must be economical. As not every case is unique, this may incur extensive clarification as well. Especially dealers with a low guarantee volume generates high settlement costs because each booking and clarification is time and money consuming.

Companies also want to meet the needs and requirements of their customers in order to increase the level of satisfaction and to create close ties with their customers.

GCS functionality

A special set of filters, which is the core component of the Global Claiming Service, reliably identifies whether a request is a warranty case or not. Due to the selective filtering of all requests there are less erroneous operations that require clarification.

This saves costs and speeds up the settlement process on the customer side, as he is immediately informed about the step in the process. Thus, companies get an efficient and reliable warranty processing at a lower costs, all managed by just a single contact, which is InfoTip.

As the expenses are billed via a handling fee, costs for the manufacturer only arise, if a warranty claim occurs. The end customer benefits from prompt feedback, a fast clarification process and quick fulfilment of his warranty claim.

Advantages of the GCS

    Reduction of costs         Gapless communication                   Enhancement of customer loyalty    
  Acceleration of claim processing     Interfaces to existing systems       Applicable national/international  
  Complete transparency     Conformity of data protection and durable          

Did we arouse your interest?

As a manufacturer you benefit from the numerous interfaces and easy connection to existing systems. We can handle the complete claiming process for your products. For further information do not hesitate to contact us.