RTS - Repair Tracking Service

The Repair Tracking Service supports producers and retailers in efficient processing of incurring warranty repairs and complaints. For producers the added value is in developing of transparence all over the whole service process and the easy control, adaption and change of all workflows. More than 25,000 users gain several advantages by this cross-producer approach. 

RMS - Recall Management Service

The Recall Mangement Service is a solution which has proven itself time and time again in recalls of products and goods of any kind. The RMS maintains and controls the complete recall - from the registration of consumer data, all over the repair process with status feedback up to returning the goods. Thanks to the cloud based approach, the system is free scalable and adaptable for any purpose.

ISS - Information Service Suite

Affiliated retailers use the Information Service Suite for requesting repair hints and service information, for ordering spareparts, for downloading documents or product related software and for warranty claim accounting. User get structured access to to relevant manufacturer data. The great advantage of ISS is the timeliness of information and the easy warranty claim accounting.

GCS - Global Claiming System

With GCS by InfoTip, manufacturers can handle their complete guarantee and warranty acounting for retailers and distributors. The worldwide usable system offers centralized control with all accounting related processes.
In addition to that, the system is able to handle the connected payouts and credit notes if requested.