ISS - Information & Service Suite

There are two variants for the classic InfoTip communication system for data exchange between qualified workshops and brand manufacturers: ISS for direct online access to the whole data pool and IT2001 as a client/server application with local storage of needed data to work offline.

Herewith InfoTip ISS supports the workshop in performing decentralized repairs for years. The system consists of eight modules or sections for which you can be enabled by a sensitive adjusted policy concept.

Modul 1 - Tips, Hints, Documentations and more

Module 1 consists of repair tips, error hints, service documentations, troubleshooting guides, safety precautions and more.

Modul 2 - Search for and order spareparts

Module 2 assists by identifying spare parts. After the spare part has been identified, it can be ordered directly over the system.

Modul 3 - Documents

Module 3 offers access to the document server. Here documents like service manuals and repair documentations can be downloaded.

Modul 4 - Accounting of Warranty Claims

Accounting of warranty effort following the EICTA standard can be done by Module 4. The needed error codes can be stored directly as Iris-Code.

Modul 5 - Drivers/ Firmware

Module 5 enables you to download and use the most recent drivers, software and firmware without the nuisance of querying different manufacturer web pages.

Modul 6 - Information Service Advice

The 6th module offers access to InfoTip ISA – the colleague hint portal. Every registered user has access to the ISA portal which can be used to exchange service tips with other users. The user created articles are overseen editorially by InfoTip, so we can guarantee a certain minimum standard.

Modul 7 - Product Database

Every InfoTip subscriber gets free access to the InfoTip product database, the perhaps most comprehensive and extensive database of this kind on the market. Five sector are covered by the InfoTip PDB: Model core data, technical features, images, product descriptions with unique features and a download area for manuals. InfoTip PDB is also offered as a ISS/IT2001 independent stand-alone solution.

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