InfoTip Kompendium

The InfoTip Kompendium is a comprehensive reference for the most diverse technical topics. Basically the Kompendium consists of two sections: a comprehensive knowledge base with keyword search and a glossary for querying technical terms. The Kompendium is an editorially by InfoTip created reference which can be used free of charge. 

comprehensive knowledge base

The comprehensive database at is divided in 8 main topics: video technic, displays, interfaces, circuit technology, information technology communication technology, home automation and modules. Every topic contains profound information, e.g. topic “video technology” can be used to show the depth of the Kompendium. Starting with basic information about color spaces, the Kompendium leads the user from the beginning of photo technology to the up-to-date standards in video recording and compression.

Querying Technical Terms

The integrated glossary enables the easy searching for relevant terms like HDMI, QoS or VGA. Sorted alphabetically, it makes finding a technical term fast and easy. Every technical term is explained short and precise.


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