RMS - Recall Management Service

The InfoTip Recall Management Service is a globally deployable, cloud-based and scalable solution for implementing product recall, which also integrates the service providers involved. This SaaS solution aimed at manufacturers and distributors of technical devices.

Product recalls

Everyone knows the advertisements, or news headlines in the press, if a car manufacturer announces a product shortage regarding one of its vehicles. Often this leads to a product recall. However, cars are by far exceeded by other product groups, given the recorded warnings.

Considering the most commonly affected products, notice that cars are only in fourth place with 8 % recall rate. Much more common toys (23 %), clothing and textiles (23 %), and electrical equipment (9 %) are affected.

This shows that despite modern and intelligent production processes, still products with significant - in some cases even life-threatening - deficiencies arrive on the market. Moreover, this does not apply for "cheap manufacturer", or no-name products only. Even well-known brands with a good reputation every so often circulate inadequate, or even lethal products.

The resulting consequences are obvious. On the one hand considerable costs incur for the manufacturer or distributor in retrieving the goods, since generally no emergency systems are at hand in such a case. On the other hand the brand image suffers tremendously. But that need not be.

RMS functionality

The RMS pursues a holistic approach and therefore offers a wide performance range. Starting with the online registration of the defective goods by the end user, through the request for a shipping packaging to query the repair and delivery status at any time, all operations can be monitored and managed with the web-based control interface.

Regardless of the country, or the number of goods to call back, the systems scales freely, and can be adjusted accordingly. Thanks to the direct connection of customized repair and logistics services to the system, all processes and even the complete flow of goods can be monitored with a mouse click.

Another feature of RMS is the integrated escalation management. It identifies faltering processes before they can become a problem. For example, if a defined period of time between the request and the delivery of a shipping container is exceeded, the system informs the Recall manager. In such cases the end user automatically is notified by the system about the delay. But even with flawlessly running processes the end user proactively gets informed about the current status of the individual process.

RMS advantages

  Exhaustive communication     Interfaces to existing systems     National or international availability  
  Entirely transparent processes     Support for any transaction     Data privacy compliant and resilient  

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