Document Management

The system for document management serves the organization of any kind of documents. Individual permission settings provide adaption to any specific purpose. The user uploads autonomously documents to the system. With aid of free definable, application-specific attributes, display and document management  take place independent of language, country or user group.

Software /License management

With the management system for software-updates, -versions and licenses, devices can be reliable kept up-to-date. At any time, the system can comprehend whether relevant devices have already taken the most recent software or license und ensure that only the most recent software, fully functional drivers and valid software licenses are circulated.

Product catalogues & databases

Digital product catalogues or product databases are systematic collections of information to products and/or services. Users have access to all necessary information with this system, at any time. Structure and depth of detail can be implemented flexible to the properties of the product range. Linking with interfaces offers easy maintenance of the content.

Knowledge Base

The system for structuring and managing of information / knowledge offers a dedicated exchange both in closed and open user groups. In this kind of databases, one can organize repair advices and producer provided details , so all users can be informed quick and reliable. The multi editor system offers an independent maintenance of the content.

Interface Management

As a respected expert for realizing arbitrary interfaces to register and exchange data with a wide range of sources securely, InfoTip has many years experience with several IT systems. Therefore InfoTip software solutions can link to present systems and merge into existing IT scenarios without further issues.